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The Successful Coach Magazine Nov – Dec 2016

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

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We are proud to bring you the Nov – Dec 2016 issue of The Successful Coach Magazine. 

As proud sponsors of The Successful Coach Magazine, we welcome you to this wealth of coaching resources honed over years of experience and expertise, to the latest breakthroughs in advanced coaching methodologies, to the beautiful and wonderful showcases of coaches who are doing what they love and transforming lives, and to an extraordinary community of people who are passionate about coaching and committed to creating change.

The ICG are dedicated to raising standards in the coaching industry.  This means enabling our members a place to interact, connect and advance in their careers.

Each article captures experience & expertise of other coaches as well as the latest breakthroughs in coaching methodologies, that you can immediately apply in your coaching practice.

What is included in this issue:

1) It’s All About Money, or Is It? By Nicole Robinson 2) Men Are From Mars By Sharon Grant 3) How To Demonstrate Flexibility As A Coach By ICG Team 4) What Happened When I Realised Standards Matter By Vanessa Medling 5) How to Increase Your Speaking Endurance By Maria Pellicano

We are currently releasing bi-monthly issues of The Successful Coach Magazine and would love your valuable contribution.

To see all the guidelines and requirements for submitting an article, click here.

Call for Submissions
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