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The Successful Coach Magazine – Issue 19 January 2016

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We are extremely excited to welcome the new year and bring you the January 2016 issue of The Successful Coach Magazine!

This magazine features contributions from a range of industry professionals sharing with us their expertise and key learnings in the field of life coaching.

This month, we cover a range of topics from self development and the importance of living your values, to the importance of valuing your employees (or feeling valued at work), as well as covering key skills to apply in business, when speaking, and coaching your clients.

This month’s issue features 5 articles including:

1) Living Your Values by Brendan Bolton

2) How to Nurture Your Team Members So They Never Want to Leave by Vanessa Medling

3) To Sell is Human by Sharon Grant

4) How to Build Rapport With Your Clients by Pooja Lohana

5) 7 Ways to Have Greater Influence Using Your Vocal Tone by Maria Pellicano

We are currently releasing bi-monthly issues of The Successful Coach Magazine and would love your valuable contribution.  To see all the guidelines and requirements for submitting an article, click below.

Call for Submissions
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