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Expand your horizons, get a coach to help you become the person you want to be - right now. The ICG Coach Directory saves you times and helps you efficiently search for qualified and experienced life or niche specialised coaches in one location.

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Find an ICG Coach can help you find the right partner to assist you on your journey to being more - right now and in the future. Find the successful coach you want to model, who is flexible and experienced enough to give you the attention you deserve. A professional ICG recognised coach can help you or your business / organisation to use the following ICG Core Competencies to achieve excellent results with clients through:

  • Effectively manages self

  • Meets the ICG Code of Ethics and professional standards

  • Demonstrates commitment to ongoing professional development

  • Establishes the coaching agreement

  • Establishes and maintains trust and intimacy with the client

  • Provides a coaching presence

  • Assesses the situation

  • Demonstrates effective listening

  • Demonstrates impactful and effective questioning

  • Expands client awareness

  • Moves the client to cause

  • Inspires learning and growth

  • Provides direct communication

  • Develops goals and action plans

  • Manages accountability and advancement

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