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The Successful Coach Magazine – September Issue 2015

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We have just released the September 2015 issue of The Successful Coach Magazine!

We are proud to bring you the latest in coaching excellence from personal, professional life coaching to business, leadership and executive coaching.  This magazine is dedicated to an extraordinary community of people passionate about coaching.

Each issue features a selection of coaching resources collected over years of experience and expertise. It also includes some of the latest breakthroughs in advanced coaching methodologies to further add to your coaching knowledge.

In this issue you will find some creatively written articles based on stories of self-development and realisation, as well as insights into a well-known thinking methodology and some practical skills you can apply to your coaching business.

Inside you’ll find:

1) Lessons From a 7 Year old – an article about inner strength and personal power.

2) How to Let Go in Order to Receive – How to let go of what’s holding you back and open your life to growth and learning.

3) The Future of Neuro Linguistic Programming – Learn more about the NLP methodology and its future!

4) 7 Essential Tools to get Your Coaching Business Online – Some real practical ideas to help you start your business.

Plus you can, check out our September feature offer that is exclusive to ICG members only!

Enjoy your read and look out for our next issue just around the corner!

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