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The Benefits of Becoming an ICG Member: Recognition & Credibility

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Melissa Adeson is a successful business owner, coaching mentor at The Coaching Institute and 3rd level International Coach Guild (ICG) Recognised Member for the past three years.

Running a business that requires more than just superficial coaching skills, Melissa felt the need for an industry that has standards she could trust and rely on to promote her business as well as create credibility amongst her clients.

What she has to say:

The Industry Gap:

Despite the increasing popularity of life coaching, the Australian industry remains unregulated.

According to this article, “anyone can set themselves up as a life coach and charge hefty fees for trying to help people achieve goals or desires in their personal or professional lives”.

Firstly, the desire among the general public to find fulfilment in their lives is increasing, therefore causing an increase in demand for life coaches. You do not require the knowledge (or qualifications) in the medical field in order to achieve your client’s goals. Life coaching is more about looking into the future, applying an educational, discovery-based process of human potential.

The concern that remains is that anyone can call themselves a life coach.

Coaching Recognition for Coaches and Coaching Schools

The ICG, started in 2013 by a group of passionate coaches, was a means of meeting this gap in the industry.

The ICG consists of a rigorous training and assessment process which has been proven to be effective preparation for students within the training system.

As a coach, ICG can help you find credibility, attract new  paid clients and run a successful coaching business.

Being a recognised member of the ICG means you receive resources and support in your coaching journey. It is also a way of being represented by a professional body whose sole purpose is to further the quality of coach education.

ICG provides benchmark standards for coaching and business education for coaches.

If you’d like to join the community dedicated to lifting and ensuring high coaching standards world-wide, click below to find out more about what it means to be an ICG member.

Click Here to Find Out More About Becoming an ICG Member

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