In an increasingly competitive coaching world, professional recognition ensures that professional coaches are ready to meet the demands of coaching training and assessment standards worldwide at the highest level.

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What is ICG Recognition?

ICG offers comprehensive recognition program for coaches who have either graduated from an elite ICG recognised school, or has managed to become recognised based on their skillset developed through years of experience.

There are currently 3 levels of recognition available, rigorously developed by highly qualified trainers and assessors, globally recognised and easily transferable across borders and industries. Regardless of where you are in your coaching career, we have a recognition level for you. Demonstrate your expertise and market credibility in the industry, establishing your commitment and dedication to your craft.

What does ICG Recognise?

Recognises Coaching schools

  • to ensure minimum standards in terms of student care and support

Recognises Coaching courses

  • specific number of hours of coach training to be delivered, with a mix of live classes and recorded classes, ICG Core Competency based training and assessment programs

Recognises Professional coaches

  • Offers a range of standards members can achieve, based on their skills, experience and hours of study
  • Ensures highly qualified mentors, facilitators and trainers

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