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ICG Coach & Connect is Coming to Dubai

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Dubai Coaches, this is for you. We’re proud to announce the ICG Coach & Connect Dubai chapter is here, where you can connect with coaches in your area, share and learn with each other, and keep on top of what’s happening in the coaching industry.

With Coach & Connect, you have the resources that will keep you informed, improve your technique and support your coaching career over time.

In 2013, the ICG started as a way of providing the highest standards of training and recognition for coaching students and for coaching schools.

There was a steady decline in the credibility and standards in the coaching industry, which was not addressed by the then recognising bodies.

Since then, the ICG have come a long way… having joined with schools in Australia, as well as internationally.

In 2017, the ICG worked with recognising one of the leading coaching schools in Malaysia.

And this year, we’re proud to announce that we moving ahead in the United Arab Emirates, starting with ICG Coach & Connect Dubai.

What Is Coach & Connect?

ICG runs monthly coaching and networking events every state of Australia known as Coach & Connect.

In June 2018, one of The Coaching Institute’s (an ICG recognised school) graduate, Mr Sharif Bajo from Dubai embarked on his journey as a Coach & Connect Leader.

We’d love to give a warm welcome to Mr. Sharif Bajo as he becomes our first ICG Coach & Connect Leader in the UAE!

Mr. Sharif is an ICG Level 1 Recognised Coach – with the support of the team here at the ICG, he will be stepping into running monthly Coach & Connect events for like-minded coaches from around the world.

With Mr. Sharif having over 10 years’ experience as a coach, and a wide portfolio of clients and an expanded coaching knowledge, coaches in the United Arab Emirates are in great hands.

How to Get Involved

The ICG is proud to successfully leading industry standards to bring elite coaching schools and members together under one laurel of excellence since 2013.

If you want to learn more, get involved and join a Coach & Connect event near you, follow and connect with us here.

If you’re a coach, click here to learn more about what is ICG recognition and why it’s important to be a recognised coach.

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