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Leading industry standards to bring elite coaching schools and members together under one laurel of excellence.

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Gold Standards of Professional Coaching. The ICG Core Competencies are the framework provided by the International Coach Guild to assess and benchmark the knowledge and application of coaching skills. 


The International Coach Guild is committed to maintaining and promoting excellence in coaching practice. Therefore it expects all members to adhere to the essential elements of ethical, competent and effective practice as set out in this Code of Ethics.


As part of your association with the ICG, you can apply to qualify as an ICG Business Mentoring Provider. As a Business Mentorship Provider, you are providing the highest level of business and marketing training and support available for your coaching students.


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Making coaching 
indispensable for personal and professional development

We serve coaching students, practitioners and organisations with the highest standards of coaching, global recognition that certifies coaching expertise and resources for continuous professional development, networking and community amongst coaches worldwide

Earn your recognition 
and outpace the 

ICG recognition distinguishes you in the coaching market and can help you move ahead. Several certifications including the completion of ICG recognised courses validate a range of education and experience levels in coaching. Find out more or get started now to apply.

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Join ICG and get involved 
in setting up a local chapter and community of practice

Professional Coaching is a dynamic industry, and you’ll want to stay up to date. Become a member for all the resources that will keep you informed, improve your technique and support your career.

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Providing leadership 
opportunities for coaches 
and industries worldwide

Set up a local community of practice to expand the boundaries of coaching knowledge, and to give or receive advice from peers who share your interests. Get involved and set up an ICG local chapter to enjoy events, education and networking with practitioners near you.


Membership Insurance

To improve our members’ benefits, the International Coach Guild is in partnership with Aon Risk Services offering to protect coaches against a wide range of risks that coaches may face in the coaching industry. These risks include professional indemnity, product liability and public liability. How can insurance help?


Consider the following scenarios:

  • You provide a coaching service to a client then they claim you have not delivered the service as contracted and are therefore seeking financial compensation. What now?

  • Aon’s policy protects you in the event of an alleged claim, covering both the legal costs of defending as well as any financial compensation sort.

  • Are you required as part of a commercial contract to have ‘public liability’ cover in case a member of the public gets injured? Aon include $10m public liability insurance as part of their policy which can be increased to $20m if required.

Minimum requirements for eligibility of Aon insurance:

  1. You have to be either an Associate Member or a Recognised Member with the International Coach Guild

  2. You must have at over 12 months membership with ICG remaining at the point of sign up

  3. You must have completed at least 100 hours of coaching study

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Your guaranteed that if, as a result of using all our systems and graduating on time, you don't earn back your entire tuition within 18 months, we will refund your investment and you can keep all the materials you've received.

We want you to join our programs confident in the fact that what we have taught thousands of people work. All you have to do is apply what we teach you. We don't offer this guarantee lightly, and yes, you will need to apply what we teach you... and we figure that's what you want to do!


In a globally competitive market, coaches can't do it alone. So join the ICG members group to give you the tools and the support you need to make your mark in the coaching industry. 

Discover more about what our membership is and what benefits it offers, and choose the type of membership that's best for you.



Having a membership with ICG means Commitment and Dedication to your craft.
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Our Associate membership is open to all students and graduates of ICG recognised courses. If you have enrolled into an ICG recognised course or a graduate and have learnt your coach development based on the ICG Core Competencies, then you qualify to be an Associate member.

Associate Membership

AUS $297 to join
(1 year membership)

Associate Membership Renewal

AUS $297 to Renew
(12 Months)


The Recognised membership is exclusive only to those professional coaches who have graduated from an ICG recognised course (or recognised through the portfolio pathway) who have successfully completed the comprehensive recognition process with ICG.

Pathway Application Fees +

$497 One off Payment
(Plus option below)

Associate MembershipCertified CoachCertified Advanced CoachCertified Master CoachCertified Professional Coach


  1. Professional recognition and be part of the growing coaching industry

  2.  ICG promotes its coaches and the coaching practice - members’ directory with the appropriate recognition

  3. Invitations to Personal Development workshops and seminars that will count towards your Continuous Personal Developments hours (required for maintaining your recognition)

  4. Increase your credibility by aligning yourself with ICG to demonstrate you are committed to excellence

  5. Access to coaching and industry resources (for professional development)

  6.  Provides great discounts to special events around the world.

  7. Runs classes for all members.

  8. Has a professional development path for non-coaches wanting management coaching skills

  9. Access to trusted insurance provider AON

  10. Participate in local chapters from ICG members in your local area / region

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What is the ICG Business Mentorship Program?

As part of your association with the ICG, you can apply to qualify as an ICG Business Mentoring Provider. As a Business Mentorship Provider, you are providing the highest level of business and marketing training and support available for your coaching students.


Being an ICG Approved Business Mentorship Provider is a way of giving reassurance and certainty to your students that you will deliver a certain amount of, and a specific quality of business and marketing training. With this recognition, your students know that on joining, you are going to deliver what they need to learn about marketing, sales, leadership and business.

Hear from Current ICG Members

Vanessa Medling

What I love about the International Coach Guild (ICG) is it gives me an opportunity to connect with other coaches, I get to contribute to the group the things that are really important in my business and in my life and get some ideas and some feedback and really start a conversation with each other and I love that. It’s such an awesome group to be a part of because it’s about people wanting to be the best in our industry and regardless of all the connection I experience and the knowledge that I gain through connecting with my peers it’s even more than that. It’s things like knowing my insurance is taken care of, knowing I can contribute articles to a professional magazine, that’s read by so many people. It’s knowing that there’s the ICG room accessible to us to utilise, there are so many benefits or being part of this group and I’m really proud to be one of the Inaugural Board Members.

Peta Lazarides

I’de just like to say thank you so much International Coach Guild (ICG) for having this outstanding community in which to be a part of. The ICG is a not for profit association, a body of coaches that has been set up by coaches, for coaches and that’s what I love about it.


All the focus is on the community and how we can benefit each other as well as the businesses that we hang out with, as well as the businesses that are aligning themselves with the ICG, for the benefit of coaching, for the benefit of their businesses and for the benefit of setting the highest standards within this community itself.

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