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The Successful Coach Magazine – November Issue 2015

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We are extremely proud to bring you the November 2015 issue of The Successful Coach Magazine!

The ICG are dedicated to raising standards in the coaching industry.  This means enabling our members a place to interact, connect and advance in their careers.

As part of this, we invite our members to contribute by inviting them to submit original articles reflecting their first hand knowledge and experience in the industry. In keeping up to date with each article, coaches are able to maintain an expanded awareness of trends and topics of interest within the industry.

Each articles captures experience & expertise of other coaches as well as the latest breakthroughs in coaching methodologies, that you can apply in your coaching practise!

This month, you will learn:

1) NLP Modelling – Find Someone You Love And Then Do What They Do by Tess Bartlet

2) Understanding Coaching Models & Their Use In Coaching by Pooja Lohana

3) Liminal Space by Shilpa Agarwal

4) How The ICG Was Born – A Brief Comparison With Industry-Recognising Bodies by Pooja Lohana

5) 3 Steps To Control Your Voice & Positively Influence Others by Maria Pellicano

Don’t forget to check out this months ICG members only exclusive offer! We hope you enjoy the read!

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