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The Successful Coach Magazine June – July 2016

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The International Coach Guild is so proud to bring together yet another issue of The Successful Coach Magazine, written by successful  coaches, for successful coaches.

It’s our mission here at the International Coach Guild to cultivate and celebrate coaching excellence worldwide and those of you who take the daring step, whether big or small, towards making a difference.

To that end, here is what’s waiting for you in the latest issue:

1. How Do I Find My Niche by Nicole Robinson: It’s a common advice and you’ve probably heard it so many times: find your niche. The question is, how? How do you narrow down and target an audience? Is there a simple strategy coaches can use to arrive at their coaching niche? Nicole Robinson shares her own story of how she “organically” found her niche in 3 simple steps. Read on to find out how she did it.

2. Yes, You Can! by Darrin O’Brien: Change is scary. But you know it’s high time you kicked that habit or adopted a new mindset, but it’s just “so hard”. We’re wired to think the way we do — is it even possible to change our beliefs and mindset? In this short yet punchy piece, Darren O’Brien tells you like it is with the help of one key question. Read on to find out what you need to ask yourself (and your clients) before committing to change.

3. How to Stand Out In a Crowded Market by Eveline Van’t Foort: There’s a saying in the marketing world — if there’s competition, it’s good for your business! Now you know for sure that your idea works. But that’s just the first part; the next challenge is to set yourself apart from your competitors. Eveline Van’t Foort is an expert at ‘positioning’ and writes how you can achieve it in 8 simple steps.

4. Going Beyond by Brett White: A touching and inspiring story of how we’re not so different after all, no matter what our race, caste, religion, colour, culture or creed. From his own experience, Brett White shows us that human behavioural needs and experience correlate well within any culture, and it’s both stunning and beautiful.

5. Tonal Influence by Maria Pellicano: As a coach, you want to eventually move from one-to-one sessions and expand into one-to-many. The sooner you do that, the better it is, if you want to scale your coaching business. Training and speaking is a great avenue to achieve just that. In this article, voice coach Maria Pellicano tells us how to tap into the power of your tonality and voice modulation to influence and engage your audience, so your words have a lasting and positive impact on them.

Write for Us!

We are currently looking for new submissions for the next issue of The Successful Coach Magazine. We would love your valuable contribution.

To see all the guidelines and requirements for submitting an article, click here.

Call for ICG Magazine Submissions
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