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How to Create a Compelling Vision for Your Business

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It’s true, so many of us want to find passion and meaning in our lives.  For many of us we try to seek that through our personal lives; for others we endeavour to build meaning and fulfilment into our career lives. I mean, we spend so much of our time at work, why not!

This is where the demand for life coaching has sky-rocketed. People want to know they are helping others, making a positive contribution to society AND getting paid for it.

However, life coaching doesn’t come just like that. If you want to achieve a successful and sustainable life coaching career, you need certain skills.

The problem is that up until recently, the life coaching industry remained somewhat unregulated and there was a lack of formal training in key areas.

This gap was recognised and from this, the ICG was born.

Why is ICG different?

At ICG, we provide training and support in life coaching to our associate and recognised members. We also embed a structure around training in business, marketing AND client conversion strategies.

As a result of this, the ICG have developed an effective preparation strategy for students, thus resulting in more success stories (building coaching practices with paid clients) than any other coaching provider.

What you get:

As an ICG member, here are some of the business support benefits you receive:

– Different opportunities for Professional Development based on your level of ICG recognition – Access to live webinars that count towards your Professional Development hours – Invitation to Professional Development workshops and seminars that will count towards your Continuous Professional Development hours (required for maintaining your credential)

How to Create a Successful Coaching Business

Angelina Cirelli-Salomone is an accredited professional coach with 15 years leadership experience in corporate and retail environments with companies such as The Coaching Institute, Singtel Optus & Woolworths Pty Ltd.

Angelina has a wealth of experience as a Corporate Facilitator and NLP Trainer.

She specialises in business coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Extended DISC, Public speaking workshops & business Networking.

Angelina has put together 4 x ‘Professional Development Workshops’ specifically aimed towards ICG members who want to increase their professional development and learn the ropes of ‘How to create a successful business’.

The first workshop was held on Saturday 12th September in the lovely facilities of the ICG office – providing a private, comfortable and professional environment for the small group to interact.

Here are some photos from the event:

How to Create a Compelling Vision for Your Business

How to Attend

If you missed the first one, that’s ok. Each session is designed to be independently beneficial to your learnings; meaning that you don’t need to attend all 4 sessions to gain the benefit.

Of course, the more you attend, the more likely you are to develop an overall business understanding to help you achieve success.

You can still attend the following workshops (before seats fill up!)

1. Saturday 10th October 2015 – Building a Successful Business Structure 2. Saturday 14th November 2015 – Business Structure & Strategies for Success 3. Saturday 12th December – Business Foundation & Planning

If you are already an ICG member, you will receive 50% discount on the full price (tickets reduced to only $49).

Keep an eye out for an email with your ICG-member promo code. Alternatively you can call us to get your code on 1800 094 927.

How to Create a Compelling Vision for Your Business
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