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Today I want to talk about what gave me the edge in my business and my coaching.

I got myself a Coach.

Now this might seem like a simple thing, however I want to share something that I’ve notice, a pattern you might say when it comes to this simple thing.

Coaches don’t want to pay for coaching.  They offer to be a pro-bono client, they offer up their friends as pro-bonos they offer all their services to pro-bono clients.  Now I’m not knocking this, it is a great learning tool. I myself was a client and coached Pro-bono. It has its place.

However,  there aren’t a lot of experienced coaches who still offer a regular pro-bono spot.

My question to you is…. What do you believe about coaching?

Because if you want to get paid to do this awesome thing, you need to be willing to pay for it yourself, you need to be an advocate to all your friends and family that this is something worth paying for.  You need to want to get better and surround yourself with people who are at least a step ahead of you.  (I went for two steps)

What I looked for in my coach…

A coach, coaching a coach is a special relationship.  They are a Coach, a Mentor, they become a rock.

I was looking for someone who was living what I believe success is.

I wanted someone who to me, seemed to have it come naturally, and someone who wanted to have fun.

Someone who would talk about how they do what they do, give me feedback and ideas as to what to learn and what I could do in some sticky coaching situations.

I wanted them at my beck and call. (Paid a retainer to get this)

I wanted them to have a real life, with real life problems. (For me that meant kids, without the organisation required for these little people, I could do whatever whenever, so I wanted a coach who lived this)

I interviewed, I called and chatted to coaches, till I found one that suited me.

Then I got down to business, I called when I needed and I learnt from them till I had sucked them dry and surpassed them, then I got another one and another one and another one.

The best Coach I have had so far taught me how to get out of my head.  How to change my filters, and how to really help a client fast.  She also noticed and cleared some old patterns I didn’t even know were holding me back.

And that my friends is the key, we don’t know what we don’t know.

So find someone that can help you notice things within yourself, Find someone who will laugh with you, Find someone who can support your journey.   And lastly this is your life so have fun and get dirty.

Warm and Sunny Smiles

Melissa Adeson, Credentialed Master Coach

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