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Do I Need to Be Covered Under Insurance As A Coach?

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

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The short answer is yes.

Since Coaching is not a regulated industry, it’s easy to assume there’s no need for insurance for professional liability. (When in fact, this actually increases liability as a coach.)

For example, a client could be really in need of a mental health professional, and as you know, this is beyond the coaching scope. But the client may seek damages, with or without merit, and this is when an insurance cover is much efficient and effective way to handle situations such as this.

Coaching can be a volatile industry, and a trusted insurer can protect you against a wide range of risks that you may face in the coaching industry, including professional indemnity, product liability and public liability.

At ICG, we understand that insurance coverage is essential as a coach.

We know that insurance is massively important to the practicing coach ensuring that regardless of what happens in your business; both you and your business are covered and protected.

As professional coaches, you advise and counsel others on how to better themselves in their professional and personal lives. Obtaining professional indemnity insurance is an important way of managing your professional risks.

The ICG have teamed up with Aon insurance to enable you substantially discounted insurance rates when becoming an ICG member.

Aon understands the potential risks that you may face as a coach. As such, Aon provides insurance that covers professional indemnity, product liability and public liability. Aon has developed an insurance policy exclusively for the ICG that can protect you and your coaching practice.

Why Choose Aon?

The ICG has teamed up with Aon and they are our approved insurance broker because of their:

1. Quality of the insurance product – extent of cover and price 2. Knowledge and experience of insurance and the coaching industry 3. Level of service delivery

We’ve worked together to develop an insurance policy specifically designed for ICG members.

What Aon Insurance Covers You For

1. Leadership / Executive Coaching 2. Business Coaching 3. Workplace Coaching 4. Relationship Coaching 5. Career Coaching 6. Style / Image Coaching 7. Facilitators 8. Consultants

If you are a full-time trainer please call Aon as this policy will not cover your activities, but there are alternative covers available to suit the risks faced by your profession.

Minimum Requirements for Eligibility of Aon Insurance

1. You have to be either an Associate Member or a Recognised Member with the International Coach Guild 2. You must maintain a minimum of 12 months ICG membership 3. You must have completed at least 100 hours of coaching training

For more information, please visit:

Aon is the only authorised agent to discuss technical questions about the insurance and the policy that you will require.

If you would like to become a member of the ICG and take advantage of this special insurance offer, click here to download an application form.

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