ICG Coach & Connect is Coming to Dubai

ICG Coach & Connect

Dubai Coaches, this is for you. We’re proud to announce the ICG Coach & Connect Dubai chapter is here, where you can connect with coaches in your area, share and learn with each other, and keep on top of what’s happening in the coaching industry. With Coach & Connect, you have the resources that will…

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How to Practise Emotional Intelligence as a Coach

How to practice emotional intelligence as a coach

During your coaching sessions, there will be times when things get emotionally heavy. It’s natural, it’s human. At such times, want to be able to manage your own emotions – and enable the client to “fill the space” with their own emotions and thoughts. You determine how the client feels, at the same time keeping…

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The Benefits of Becoming an ICG Member: Coaching Facilities

Training Facilities

Among the many of his areas of expertise, Jakub Wolanski is a cultural strategist, professional coach/trainer and CEO & founder of ‘It’s Culture Baby!’ He recently submitted an amazing video recording of his experience with the International Coach Guild facilities. Jakub’s career and life revolve around working with people. He is a life coach, writer, speaker…

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Stand Out Amongst the Crowd!

What’s it all about? Life coaching is a service and experience that most of us would significantly benefit from at some point in our lives.  Whilst life coaching has played an integral role in the success of individuals and businesses for decades, its true benefits are only being realised today. “Coaching is the second-fastest growing profession in the…

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