How to Use Erikson’s Model in your Coaching – An Overview & Stage I


If you are familiar with the work of John Bradshaw, The Gottman Institute, and even Tony Robbin’s affirmations in action, chances are you are well acquainted with the work of Erik Erikson. Erikson’s Stages of Psychosocial Development was introduced in the 1950s by psychologist and psychoanalyst, Erik Erikson. It is arguably the first and most…

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Do I Need to Be Covered Under Insurance As A Coach?

Do I Need to Be Covered Under Insurance As A Coach

The short answer is yes. Since Coaching is not a regulated industry, it’s easy to assume there’s no need for insurance for professional liability. (When in fact, this actually increases liability as a coach.) For example, a client could be really in need of a mental health professional, and as you know, this is beyond…

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How to Demonstrate Behavioural Flexibility as a Coach

Here’s the thing, and it applies to everything coaching. The person with the most behavioural flexibility will have the most impact on the system. The person with least behavioural flexibility will have the least impact on the system. So the rigid thinker, who only sees one side of the whole story, will find that they…

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The Benefits of Becoming an ICG Member: Recognition & Credibility

ICG Membership Benefits: Recognition & Credibility

Melissa Adeson is a successful business owner, coaching mentor at The Coaching Institute and 3rd level International Coach Guild (ICG) Recognised Member for the past three years. Running a business that requires more than just superficial coaching skills, Melissa felt the need for an industry that has standards she could trust and rely on to promote her business as well as…

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Sometimes real challenges REALLY happen

OK,  I’m not one who usually complains about things that happen. I tend to move right along and make things work. What I’ve noticed is that when these real challenging challenges happens – they REALLY happen – and the thing that truly makes them ‘unhelpful’ is the unexpected money, time and energy that goes with…

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Today I want to talk about what gave me the edge in my business and my coaching. I got myself a Coach. Now this might seem like a simple thing, however I want to share something that I’ve notice, a pattern you might say when it comes to this simple thing. Coaches don’t want to…

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