The Outstanding Coach Series #3: Build Trust and Intimacy with the Client

Build Trust and Intimacy with the Client

As coaches, we must care about our client, and appreciate that they are not there to answer our questions, but to achieve their desired outcomes. Clients have a way of being that they prefer, which we need to respect. Not all of their attributes will be comfortable, but it’s never about the coach but the…

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How to Commit to Ongoing Professional Development as a Coach

How to commit to ongoing professional development as a coach

Your own personal and professional development is a key part of the coaching experience you give to your clients. Participating in discussion on coaching or on topics related to our niche enables us to stay current on trends and new developments that can benefit our clients. Involvement can also give us a sense of certainty about…

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How to Demonstrate Behavioural Flexibility as a Coach

Here’s the thing, and it applies to everything coaching. The person with the most behavioural flexibility will have the most impact on the system. The person with least behavioural flexibility will have the least impact on the system. So the rigid thinker, who only sees one side of the whole story, will find that they…

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How to Practise Self-Management as an ICG-Recognised Coach


Here’s a fact. If you’re unwilling to work on your own personal and professional development, you cannot coach your clients to stretch and reach their absolute best. Because what we don’t acknowledge and see for ourselves becomes un-coachable. My point? Because the responsibility to set an example is on you, start with a focus on…

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