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I used to be more than one person.

That’s right I used to put on a mask and assume a personality to be liked, wanted and even accepted.   Different groups got a different version of me…Secretly.

The person behind those masks told little white lies to keep other people happy.

She really started to lose her way.

It was exhausting.

Now those who know me today, those that have had coaching and mentoring with me and thought I was a little mad, might say no way.  She was one person with me I can’t imagine it.

Today I AM one person.

I still add filters to this person for individuals and groups, for example, my kids get the no swearing filter and my husband gets the really naughty filter.

However I’m true to me.

Most importantly, I really really like being me.

I want to share being me and the things that I know with everyone.

I want to do it, in a way that works.

For me that is the key (did you miss it?) I want to do all that, in a way that WORKS.

This is the real journey.

Learning from life and creating a life that will teach you new things every day.

These are the 4 steps I used to create that life:

  1. Deliberately choosing the life I live

  2. Living according to my Values, Beliefs and Attitudes

  3. Modelling others instead of comparing myself to them

  4. Talking about my passion

Now, I’m learning every day.

I notice people, I’m curious as to how I can do something to help them learn.

I notice the beautiful things about my life.

I use everything I experience as a reference to help me help others better.

I enjoy every single day.


  1. Talked through different ways to help a friend’s daughter cope with jealousy.

  2. Sent an message to a client telling her to talk slower.  And got a response that she was practicing at that very moment.

  3. Was part of a community rallying to help a family in morning

  4. Got to neatly braid my daughters hair all the way.

  5. Watched my husband take a massive step towards inner growth.

  6. Got to sleep for more than 4 hrs.

  7. Helped a client notice the massive changes he had made in his life.

  8. Helped my sister research answers to eliminate fear.

  9. Watched the chickens climb the fence.

  10. Fed 13 people dinner.

  11. Got unprompted cuddles from every one of my kids.

  12. Read ‘The day the Crayons Quit’ again, and still did the voices.

  13. Went to the toilet by myself (I have 3 kids).

  14. Got to open a new jar of vegemite and be the first to stick a knife into it.

What did YOU do today?

Melissa Adeson

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