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International Coaching Guild Presents the 2022 Coach of The Year Awards

Accepting the International Coach Guild (ICG) International Coach of the Year award, Kath Prior "I have never cried tears of happiness before" I am feeling it fully in my body <3 Kath was one of five outstanding coaches who were among the ICG winners 2022 at this year's virtual Annual Summit 2022 held over the weekend of November 12 and 13. With close to 200 online coaches at the summit, it was an important campfire moment for ‘Becoming a Professional Coach’, which was this year's apt theme. The community came together to celebrate the winners of the five prestigious awards, shortlisted from a nomination process then handpicked based on the ICG Core Competencies and Code of Ethics.

"The work that coaches are doing all over the world is now more important than ever, and this is really important to be certified and recognised," ICI's head trainer Matt Lavars says.

"It is time to see coaching as a profession, and ICG plays a phenomenal role in this."

International Coach of the Year

The International Coach of the Year award is the headliner of the event, handed to an outstanding Coach who demonstrates exceptional all-roundedness as a competent professional coach, business owner, and leader in their field.

Our International Coach of The Year is Kath Prior, Her vision and mission is to inspire leaders to develop high performing teams and find fulfillment in leadership. They inspire leaders to develop their self-leadership skills to grow in their capacity to see themselves as Successful leaders and lead their teams

Life Coach of the Year

The Life Coach of the Year Award is one that demonstrates excellent competence in professional life coaching and beyond, and are the paragon of personal development.

Our awardee, Hanh Bui, Officially began her coaching journey in 2017, and has been serving clients, in multiple countries, in multiple time zones, and in multiple languages through her 1-1 coaching, group coaching & their very own social media community. She brings an authentic perspective to her Queensland business which has corporate and one-on-one clients. She is a global gratitude expert, peak performance coach and mentor who works with local communities to help create change. Her Vision is to train the next generation and bring the values and principles of life coaching to the world!

"When the external world awards you, you know you are taking the right steps in your business and life," she said, accepting the award.

Business Coach of the Year

The Business Coach of the Year is an outstanding individual who provides and demonstrates outstanding coaching to business owners, with their own business as a model of excellence for clients.

Odri Fernandes started her coaching journey & education in 2017 and has transitioned from the Personal Development niche, to small business and now is a fulltime business coach. Over the last 12 months, her business has doubled its turnover and beyond before the end of 2022

Her vision is to transform a Million Lives by 2030 and her mission is to empower people through a growth mindset to rise above the day to day challenges in life and in business. One of her biggest realisations was that your business will only grow as much as you grow and she brings this passion for learning and development into her clients worlds. Bringing this mindset into the world of businesses and business owners.

Leadership Coach of the Year

The Leadership Coach of the Year is one who commits to educating and developing the best leaders of our generation, to be equipped with the most effective leadership styles, and communication skills, and to strengthen their self-confidence and well-being.

Starting their coaching journey & education in 2015, this leadership coach has shown outstanding commitment to their own self-leadership & development both personally & professionally This coach's vision is to help people become transformational leaders so they can enable a ripple effect of contribution and human-centered service in the business world, their mission is to educate and inspire leaders to become the best version of themselves, so they live their dreams & help others do the same. Helping numerous clients return and recover from the brink of suicide, depression, drug abuse and family dysfunction to create successful family relationships, businesses teams and communities,

Your Leadership Coach the Year Rashid Mubashir Siddiqui.

Rising Star Coach of the Year

The Rising Star Coach of the Year is awarded to an individual relatively new in their coaching journey, but as the name suggests, has taken heaps of action and has much to show for it.

This coaches vision is to raise the wealth consciousness of humanity to bring more joy, freedom, purpose and generosity to the world.

They deliver a culture of service as they see their clients as family, in that they serve them with the same compassion, understanding and validation they would their own family. They bring a wow factor to their service through the way they are accessible to their clients, the client's ability to connect with and feel a personal touch. To this coach every client is special, and this coach holds space for them in a way that allows them to feel safe, supported and nourished. Some of their proudest achievements include creating rapid transformation for their 1-1 coaching clients, earning back their 2 times their pro coach course fees in their first 6 months and creating an Abundant Farmer Online Program. Your Rising star of 2022 Hayley Grosser.

Great work, amazing ICG winners 2022! We can't wait to see the next ways you find to serve the coaching community and live your ideal lives.

Read more about the International Coach Guild—its history, vision, mission and how it is setting the highest coaching standards worldwide here.

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