About Us

The International Coach Guild is the world's latest not-for profit professional membership association for coaches, coach training and coaching schools around the world. Founded in 2013 by a group of coaches, ICG already delivers value for more than 700 coaching individuals globally. ICG advances careers, businesses, improves personal and business success and further matures the industry of coaching through its internationally recognised standards, recognitions, resources, tools, research professional development courses and networking opportunities.

Our Vision:

  • To position the ICG as the leader of the coaching profession's evolution.
  • Develop the ICG to be the coaching community of choice for personal and professional coaches, organisations and corporations involved in the profession.
  • To build a coaching community on a global scale to promote the need and potential for coaching.
  • To align or partner with individuals and organisations whose purpose and aspirations align with our own, bringing coaching to the surface of business and society.
  • To build a vibrant, energising and knowledge rich online environment to support the profession's sustainable growth and development.

Our Mission:

  • Inspiring the Extraordinary

Our Values:

  • Excellence in Industry Standards
  • Innovation
  • Community
  • Growth & Learning
  • Model Excellence
  • Ethical Practice
  • Communication

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